I am new to Tumblr, but am on the look out for people to talk to and art to share with. I am learning to be a concept artist.

I am a big Frozen fan. Anna is my favorite character. Kristanna and Hanna are the names of my ships. Your all welcome to sell away on them with me.


The Little Mermaid was my first favorite Disney princess when I was a girl. I loved Ariel. She was funny and interesting and no one told her what to do. I thought she had the most beautiful red hair. I also loved marine life, ( wanted to be a orcas trainer when I grow up )as well as maritime mythology.

Drop me a line and tell what you think about this posts. I’m happy to hare what you think. :)

These beautiful works of Little Mermaid inspired art can all be found here  http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mermaid-115848215










This post call here home http://frozenoverblackballoon.tumblr.com/post/67677033503/the-little-mermaid-was-my-first-favorite-disney

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